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  1. Will my premium go up if I’m in an accident?
  2. How would an accident affect my insurance score?

1. Will my premium go up if I’m in an accident?

Being in an accident doesn’t mean your National General Insurance premium will automatically increase. In fact, before making any changes to your insurance rate, we consider a variety of factors:

Your Claims History

After accumulating multiple losses, especially over a short period of time, your claims history may begin to affect your insurance premiums.

The Cause of Your Accident

National General Insurance investigates all claims in order to determine the cause of each accident. Some states prohibit the raising of an insurance policyholder's rates because of their being involved in an accident that was not their fault.


2. How would an accident affect my insurance score?

Many factors go into the calculation of your auto insurance premium. Insurance score is just one of them along with your driving record, the type of vehicle you are covering and a lot more.

If you’ve had an accident, it certainly goes on your driving record and may affect your insurance premiums. But it doesn’t have anything to do with your insurance score, which is a calculation of risk using financial data.


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