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Specialized Homeowners Coverages

Learn the ABCs of specialized homeowners coverages – including:

Flood Insurance

National Flood Insurance is intended to protect you in the event of natural disasters, whether a federal disaster is declared or not. This type of flood insurance policy is specialized insurance, requiring a separate, specialized policy.

Flood insurance provided through the National General Insurance Homeowners Program* pays all covered claims—even if a federal disaster is not declared. And claims are paid quickly so victims can recover faster. You can even get a partial payment right away to get started.

The following types of flood insurance coverage are available:

  • Flood Insurance - Covers the value of the structure, minus the land value, up to $250,000.
  • Contents Coverage - Optional coverage that must be requested in addition to regular flood coverage. Available for up to $100,000 to cover the contents of your home.

To purchase Flood Insurance or to discuss your needs, give us a call at

Earthquake Insurance

Certain areas of the country are more susceptible to earthquakes than others. Consequently, earthquake coverage is essential for areas that experience frequent quakes and aftershocks – from minor to severe.

To get a quote or purchase Earthquake Insurance, you may give us a call at
1-866-675-3669 for additional information about areas affected and more.  

Extended Coverages and Scheduled Property

With the National General Insurance Homeowners Program,* you have the flexibility to purchase extended coverage for high-value property, or to cover homes that are valued at $1 million to $5 million.

Call 1-888-745-2507 to learn more.  

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Protect you and your family's assets with a Personal Umbrella Policy. A Personal Umbrella Policy is a stand-alone policy that provides an extra layer of protection above your current auto and homeowner's insurance coverages. No change of insurance carrier is necessary. Our program is available in most states.

  • Liability limits up to $5 million
  • Preferred, Standard, and the new Standard II underwriting tiers for easy risk qualification and rate determination
  • Quick and simple application process
  • Competitive premiums available for all coverage limits and types of risks

Call 1-888-745-2507 to learn more.  

Home Warranty Programs

Home warranties provide assistance when routine maintenance issues, and their unexpected expenses, arise. For example, a malfunctioning disposal or hot water heater can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace when you consider parts and labor.

With a home warranty policy, you pay an insurance premium which allows for maintenance and repair visits to your home for a very nominal fee. Home warranties are especially helpful in somewhat older homes.

Call 1-800-280-5236 to learn more.  

*Insurance Policies purchased through the National General Insurance Homeowners Program are underwritten by select providers of homeowners, renters, condo, and other specialty insurance. Underwriting partners and coverage options vary by state and type of policy.

Coverage information is intended to be a summary and does not supplement or replace specific language of the insurance contract.

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