National General’s team of legal and compliance experts use a disciplined methodology, leveraging ComplianceTrack, to assist you in maintaining compliant insurance programs in accordance with federal, state and local regulators, as well as investor requirements.


To assist with our clients’ compliance needs, we developed ComplianceTrack, our proprietary database of state, federal, regulatory and investor laws, regulations and guidelines. Information is documented in a structured database, enabling client policies and procedures to be reviewed against applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. We use ComplianceTrack modules for hazard, flood, and loss draft products and services.

National General's compliance program benefits

  • Serves as an extension of our clients’ compliance teams
  • Expedites responses to industry information
  • Closes possible compliance gaps quickly
  • Helps mitigate risk and maximize customer experience


A collaborative effort is initiated to develop compliant solutions that strengthen our clients’ lender-placed hazard, flood and loss draft programs.



Our compliance framework guides the implementation of significant regulatory changes and client-initiated projects associated with the lender-placed insurance market. We review new laws, regulations and guidelines from a variety of sources daily. They are thoroughly vetted and assessed by our team of legal and compliance professionals and then implemented following a four-step process:

  • Concept - A brief Client Bulletin is distributed, which provides a high-level overview of proposed or new laws, regulations and/or guidelines that impact our clients’ products or the services we offer.
  • Feasibility – A high-level process design is created to address issues, as well as establish the project schedule. The document identifies critical owners, milestones and deliverable dates. Included in this stage is a plan for communications to both internal and client audiences.
  • Plan – Business requirements are developed in collaboration with our clients. Milestones are finalized and design documentation is completed and approved by our clients.
  • Execution – Based on the plan, project deliverables are completed and deployed. Project closure is contingent upon successful post-production validation.