Insurance Tracking Solution for Mortgage Loans

Our broad, customer-focused servicing solution, supported by our robust insurance tracking platform, TrackGuard℠, protects your portfolio and your customer relationships. It also satisfies regulatory requirements and safeguards your brand.

Our solution covers each phase in the life of a loan:

  1. Proper onboarding is a critical step in the life cycle of a loan. Whether you are growing through loan originations, purchase transactions or acquisition of new servicing rights, our process is designed to collect and properly manage insurance information.
    Our team of professionals provides expert guidance and works with you to create a customized hazard insurance strategy for your customers’ needs and organizational goals. We then deploy our proprietary systems and processes for optimal data management to provide:
    • Accurate onboarding of loans
    • Compliance audit at the time of onboarding
    • Dedicated onboarding team
    • Technology-driven accuracy
    • A program offering traditional homeowners insurance

    Superior on-boarding of insurance through a dedicated provider delivers first-rate data processing and a positive customer experience.
  2. All loans are tracked and validated. Our solution provides consumer-centric hazard, flood and wind insurance monitoring, system of record updates and lender-placed insurance prevention programs.
    Using our proprietary TrackGuard system, we ensure all available insurance information is promptly and accurately updated to your insurance system of record. Our insurance tracking solution provides:
    • Comprehensive, customizable procedures to support your specific requirements
    • Quality and timely processing of insurance documents
    • Minimized false placements for lender-placed insurance
    • Focus on the customers and their experience
    • Multiple ways to provide proof of coverage
    • Proactive calls to carriers and agents
    • Customer care one-stop resolution and education
    • Call Center of Excellence and ISO 9001:2015 certified
    • Close the Loop, an automated process where we proactively follow up with a customer to ensure timely receipt of insurance information
    • Linked Loans, an advanced technology that links insurance information on first and subordinate liens to reduce false placements
    • CondoTrack, an automated process that cascades condominium association policy data to individual loans across all servicers


    We provide a customer-focused, comprehensive and compliant process to ensure that insurance information is maintained accurately and in a timely manner, minimizing the need for lender-placed insurance.


  3. Protection when there is no evidence of required insurance coverage. We deliver a suite of lender-placed insurance products and services to provide a safety net and peace of mind for mortgage servicers and investors.


    A real estate loan is only as good as the collateral that secures it. Lender-placed insurance helps protect the value of your assets, providing continuous protection for your collateral while meeting the customers’ agreement to have adequate insurance on their homes. We recognize and have built our business around the fact that your portfolio insurance needs are unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of lender-placed solutions that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements and help reduce risk to the assets you oversee. You can be confident in the protection provided by our insurance programs, as well as in the expertise we have built over decades.


    Key Benefits:

    • Automatic coverage
    • Continuous coverage
    • Flexible deductible options and coverage amounts
    • 50-state admitted hazard insurance product
    • Lender-placed fire, flood, flood gap and wind insurance
    • REO hazard, liability and flood insurance to protect your real-estate owned properties
    • Blanket insurance policies to protect you with hazard coverage on condominiums, junior mortgages/HELOCs and others
    • Quality-driven claims
    • Catastrophe management reporting


    We ensure your assets will be continually protected and your customers will have an exceptional claims experience if a loss occurs.