RecoverNow* is an automated, online insurance recovery management system for lender-placed insurance clients to file and manage claims on vacant pre-foreclosure and REO properties. With RecoverNow, we make it possible for you to save substantial time and money by efficiently administering the functions often performed by a third-party administrator (TPA).

Our automated system helps increase our efficiency compared to standard TPAs and can cut the time by 33% from when an inspection file is received and when the claim is submitted to the insurance carrier. Speed is critical when properties in your portfolio are delinquent. The RecoverNow process allows proactive assessment of damage to the property once it is first reported as vacant. The sooner the property can be assessed, the sooner you can get paid and the better you can minimize losses and help protect your investors.

The efficient claims and payment process of RecoverNow is complemented by additional benefits that help protect your bottom line.

  • Fair and quicker payments help you recoup as much of your investment as possible.
  • Competitive service fees compared to other TPAs can provide a higher percentage of the claims settlement.
  • All property assessments, claims filing and recover transactions are tracked within a single operating system for efficient file management and enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Each step of the claim process is handled by an experienced, licensed specialist who helps to ensure you receive everything that you and your investors are entitled to under the policy.

We’re confident that RecoverNow will outperform the services offered by existing TPAs, and we’ll be glad to perform a side-by-side comparison for you. Contact us at 800.570.5251 to learn more about RecoverNow and how it can be implemented with minimal disruption to your current workflow.


*Provided by Mortgage & Auto Solutions, Inc. (MASI), a subsidiary of National General. MASI is a licensed public adjuster that provides services to lenders.