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Employee diversity is one of the greatest strengths for National General, an Allstate company. We provide employees with a safe, open outlet to connect with colleagues who share interests and backgrounds. Our Employee Impact Groups help us build relationships, collaborate and offer a strong sense of community.
Allstate Asian American Network (3AN)
3AN educates and shares insights that can help Allstate tap into the full potential of its Asian employees, partners and customers. The diverse experiences of Asian Americans at Allstate create value as the group provides professional development, networking, cultural awareness and knowledge sharing.
Allstate African American Working Network (AAWN)
The African American Working Network (AAWN) is an advocate for the personal and professional enrichment of African American and African ancestry talent across the enterprise. We foster a workplace where all employees can thrive by bringing diverse perspectives that contribute to Allstate’s business objectives through professional development, cultural & community engagement and workforce collaboration.
Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations at Allstate (ABLE)
ABLE advances Allstate's Inclusive Diversity & Equity objectives by educating the Allstate community, engaging employees and promoting the positive impacts of employees with disabilities, their caregivers and allies. We increase awareness of visible and non-apparent disabilities and support an environment that actively includes, seeks out and promotes talent from the disability community.
Allstate Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (AVETS)
AVETS provides employees, spouses, siblings, and supporters of veterans with a forum to gather with other employees who hold common interests, identities and/or topics related to veterans.
Allstate Women's "I" Network (AWIN)
AWIN builds on the strength of women by creating empowered connections to drive personal and professional growth.
Families at Allstate Matter (FAM)
FAM celebrates, empowers and supports ALL families – biological, foster/adoption, surrogate, donor, single parent, multigenerational, stepparent – and all parenting phases, from the new parent to the empty nester. FAM is a safe, welcoming space to find common interests, support and community.
Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN)
PLAN is a trusted adviser for Allstate in advancing Latino talent to drive business results.
Allstate PRIDE
PRIDE promotes a positive and inclusive work environment for employees, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity by providing opportunities for education, networking and collaboration. By encouraging a safe, open and honest business environment and promoting this vision of equality through community involvement, PRIDE helps increase Allstate's opportunity to become a preferred insurer and employer within the LGBTQIA community.
Allstate Young Professionals Organization (YPO)
YPO helps grow and leverage talent by providing development, networking and leadership opportunities for motivated young professionals. It supports the business by sharing young professional and consumer insights, and builds the company's reputation by representing Allstate in our communities.