Is Your Car Ready for Hurricane Season?

Is Your Car Ready for Hurricane Season?

Is Your Car Ready for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Preparation for Your Car

Hurricanes can impact more people than many realize. While the 18 states along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts are prone to the most severe damage, inland states are subject to rain, flooding, high winds, and flying debris hurricanes can generate.

While most living in hurricane zones know the importance of preparing their homes for stormy seasons, readying cars is also a good idea.

Here are some tips to ensure your vehicle is ready to weather the storm.

Keep Your Tank Full

The rush to buy gas as a storm approaches can create long lines and shortages. Gas stations can run out of fuel or lose power. Keeping your tank full during hurricane season will ensure you can evacuate if necessary or have fuel once storms have passed. It is not uncommon for fuel prices to rise following a hurricane, so that full tank may even save you a few dollars.

Park in a Garage

You can better protect your car from flying debris and damage if you park it in a garage or storage building. This can help prevent broken glass and even dents from hail, which is often associated with these storms.

Park in an Elevated Area

If you live in a low-lying or flood-prone area, you may be better served by locating your car on higher ground. You could park your car parallel to the garage door, which is usually the highest point of a driveway. Parking your car lengthwise across the garage door will also help protect one side of the vehicle and serve as a windscreen for the garage door.

Check Your Car Battery

Most auto parts stores now offer free battery checks to help determine the remaining life of a car battery. This is well worth the trip. You may not only need your car to evacuate, but its air conditioning can provide some brief relief should you lose power. Of course, if your battery fails, both will be problematic.

Inspect Your Tires

Not only should you confirm your tires are properly inflated, but they must also have sufficient tread. You may need to drive in heavy rain during hurricane season. Having good tires can help ensure you maintain contact with the road.

Check Fluids, Hoses, and Belts

A quick check of your hoses, belts, and fluids can help provide some peace of mind as a storm approaches. Finding supplies, parts, and mechanical help may be challenging during and following a storm.

Create an Emergency Car Kit

Take the time to assemble an extra emergency kit to keep in your car. Include a flashlight, basic medical supplies, aspirin, batteries, snacks, and perhaps a small amount of cash.

Verify Your Car Insurance

This is an excellent time to check your auto insurance. Reach out to one of our independent insurance agents for a quote and to verify your current coverage.

Of course, your first thought in a hurricane should be your loved ones and home. But you may also have significant investments to protect in your vehicles. Take the steps necessary to safeguard them.