Homeowners Insurance and Mobile Homes: What You Need to Know

Homeowners Insurance and Mobile Homes: What You Need to Know

Homeowners Insurance and Mobile Homes: What You Need to Know

Mobile homes are a popular housing choice, with approximately 22 million Americans living in these dwellings throughout the United States. From affordability to fast installation, there are numerous benefits to owning a mobile home. When it comes to insuring this type of property, there are a few important differences to keep in mind.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes are not usually covered under traditional homeowners policies. Instead, insurance companies offer mobile home or manufactured home insurance coverage for these dwellings. A mobile home policy tends to be quite similar to traditional homeowners insurance.

Is Mobile Home Insurance Required?

Like homeowners insurance, mobile home coverage is not typically required by law. If you have a mortgage on your home, you may be required by the lender to purchase mobile home insurance. Even if it is not required, obtaining an insurance policy for your mobile home is still highly recommended because it insures both your residence and belongings against numerous forms of loss and damage.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Mobile home insurance is practically identical to homeowners insurance in terms of what is covered. This means that the policy provides dwelling coverage as well as personal property insurance. Dwelling coverage helps pay to rebuild or repair any damage to the mobile home that is caused by a covered peril, such as a fire or tornado. Meanwhile, personal property coverage provides protection for your possessions in the event that they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed by a covered peril.

Alongside property coverage, a mobile home insurance policy will also include liability coverage. Liability coverage means that if someone suffers an injury or loss on your property and you are found to be at fault, your policy will help cover legal fees as well as the damages that you are required to pay.

How to Find the Right Mobile Home Insurance Policy

Mobile home policies can cost more than standard homeowners insurance due to the fact that mobile homes tend to face greater risks of fire and wind damage. For this reason, it is even more important than usual to shop around and find a policy that is competitively priced and provides thorough coverage.

To learn more about insuring your mobile home contact your local independent insurance agent today.

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