Top Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Top Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Top Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

To keep your family warm and safe all season, consider winterizing your home. You could take several steps as you inspect all areas of your house before the first winter storm hits.

Service the Heating System

Because the weather typically turns colder in October, you may want to service your heating system now. You could also change the filters, clean the heating and exhaust vents, and refill the fuel supply.

Maintain the Fireplace

A professional chimney sweep can clear obstructions, remove dangerous creosote, and seal leaks in your wood-burning fireplace. Likewise, consider cleaning and maintaining your electric fireplace according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Inspect the Roof

A licensed roofing contractor can inspect the roof’s shingles, flashing and other components before performing any necessary repairs. You may also trim trees, clean gutters and downspouts, and install snow guards. These roof maintenance steps could prevent leaks during and after winter storms.

Upgrade Insulation

Adequate insulation can keep your house warm, decrease heating costs and prevent frozen or burst interior and exterior pipes. So, consider adding insulation around the water heater, exterior outlets, switch plates, attic, and exterior walls. You could also insulate any exposed pipes with electrical heating tape or foam sleeves. And consider draining and covering hoses, exterior faucets and the outdoor sprinkler system.

Seal Windows and Doors

Weatherstripping around the windows and doors could minimize drafts, reduce your heating costs, and help your family stay warm. You can also replace worn or missing caulk around the moldings, reglaze old window putty and hang thermal-lined curtains. A door sweep provides further protection from air leaks.

Winterize the Air Conditioning System

Preparing for winter probably includes turning off your air conditioning system. You can further protect this system by cleaning any debris off the outside condensing unit and shielding it with a breathable waterproof cover. If possible, remove any window units, or close their vents and apply waterproof, breathable covers.

Secure Landscaping and Outdoor Items

As you look forward to snow, you can put your lawn to rest by cutting the grass, trimming bushes, and storing lawn decor, patio furniture and the grill. Think about staining the deck, sealing concrete steps and walkways, and securing handrails, too.

Stock Outdoor Supplies

Stocking the right supplies now helps you prepare for snow removal this winter. So, consider buying shovels, cat litter, sand, pet-safe ice melt, and a roof rake. You could also service your snowblower.

Test Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors could save your life. It takes only a few minutes to test the detectors and replace the batteries.

Improve Indoor Humidity

Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which can prevent colds and relieve dry skin. To maximize this appliance's performance and improve indoor air quality, you may want to clean your humidifiers and change the filters.

Switch the Fan Direction

Try switching the ceiling fan direction so it moves clockwise and pulls air upward. This way, the fan can circulate hot air throughout your home.

Before the first cold weather blows in, you can take steps to prep your home for winter. Additionally, you could contact your home insurance agent and update your policy. With the right protection, your family may stay safe and warm all season.