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Extra protection for the unpredictable

Insurance is not only meant to protect you from visible and predictable losses, but also from the unexpected and unforeseen occurrences in life. As an endorsement on our homeowners policy, umbrella coverage will help protect your family's financial security when a serious claim results in a lawsuit.

What a Personal Umbrella Policy Covers

A Personal Umbrella Policy protects you from the things you might not consider. Like if a delivery person slips on your walkway after a snowstorm. Or your son's friend breaks his leg while jumping on your trampoline. Situations like these could result in a lawsuit, and they likely would not be covered by your homeowners insurance.
But with a Personal Umbrella Policy, you can rest assured knowing you have coverage for:
Checkmark Liability lawsuits
Checkmark Defense costs
Checkmark Employment practices liability
Checkmark Not-for-profit Director and Officer coverage
Checkmark Worldwide coverage
Ready to add this policy?
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